March Garden Hints and Tips

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March Garden Hints and Tips


Cutting through the Year

Caryopteris  (H)  Bluebeard    (H stands for hardwood)

Cassiope  (H)  moss Heather, Bog Rosemary

Chameacyparis  False Cypress

Juniperus  Juniper

Tsuga  Hemlock



Calluna   common Heather


Hydrangea Macrophylla




Hardiest leaf greens and spring peas can still be sown. Plants germinate slowly this time of year, so be sure to patrol for slugs.

In late March spuds can go into the ground, as well as Jerusalem artichoke.

Start or continue indoor seeding, most veggies and flowers seeds only need to be started a few weeks before they are planted out.


Red twig dogwoods can be pruned now, but flowering dogwoods should be pruned after flowering. Prune late-flowering shrubs (July or later) and shrubs grown for colorful young growth like barberry.

Plants to prune in spring

False Spirea (Sorbaria soibefolia)

Hardy Kiwi (Cectinidia arguta)

Hydrangea, some varieties

Japanese Spirea (Spirea japonica)

Polentilla (Polentilla)

Yellow and purple leafed Elders (Sambucus)


Now is the time to check for pests that feed on new growth.


Apply compost to established beds and gently work it into the soil.


Stake plants that need peony hoops or twiggy supports now while they are young. They will cover the supports over the summer.


When planting the most important thing you can do is to make sure you have the right plant for the right location. Consider mature size of the plant and its cultural requirements.

Harden annuals and perennials off before planting them by gradually exposing them to longer periods of time outside but be sure and bring them back in at night. Put them out in a sheltered area away from strong sunlight and wind. Put only if daytime temp is 55 degrees or better.

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